Global Services

GSM Travel Management

Not all companies seeking global travel consultancy have the same needs – and yet most global travel management companies take the same form and approach to servicing each client. GSM is different.

With a unique ownership structure and strict membership criteria, we provide global solutions with local insight from specialist management companies delivering service excellence and tangible ROI for customers. Experience, expertise and knowledge are our differentiators. We use these strengths to build programs around our clients’ needs. GSM is committed to investing in technology, employees, and consolidated reporting to simplify your business and to serve you better.

Global Responsibility

FROSCH Entertainment is committed to protecting the environment by limiting carbon footprint and preserving natural beauty for future generations to enjoy. We have employed a number of changes to our business practices to have a positive influence on the environment.

Reducing Waste
Reducing paper consumption and waste significantly through several methods including: e-Ticking and e-Invoicing completely eliminating the use of paper, Intranet System to reduce inter-office paper consumption, paper and plastic-less kitchen, recycling waste baskets positioned throughtout offices.

Environmental Sustainability

Partnerships with tour operators that consciously and actively make an effort to eliminate their carbon footprints. FROSCH’s relationship with Signature enables travelers to take advantage of Sustainable Travel International Organizations. All offices also conserve energy by utilizing energy saving equipment and lighting.