Automation & Technology

In an effort to eliminate any inefficiencies, FROSCH Entertainment deploys automated processes to our front, mid and back-office operations. Not a minute goes by when our quality control software is not working to capture a lower fare or clear a waitlisted seat that is just dropping into inventory. Our software investigates connecting flights, alternative flight times, different airlines and nearby airports. It also cross references the client’s negotiated fares and checks for lower fares prior to ticketing and keeps checking after tickets have been issued and travelers are on the final leg of their trip. FROSCH’s system also answers the need to increase compliance by identifying policy exceptions before tickets are issued, while there is still time to take corrective action. Pre-trip reports indicate the variance between the lowest fare offered and the selected airfare, giving your Production Manager an opportunity to alter a reservation that exceeds your policy threshold. We are committed to ongoing investment in leading technology to deliver cutting-edge systems to our clients.

Our self-service technology facilitates additional cost savings, allowing individual traveler access to:

  • Online Booking Tools
  • Web Based Profile Management
  • „E-Invoicing
  • „Automated Authorization System
  • „Unused Ticket Management
  • „Traveler Portal
  • „Expense Management Tools
  • „Comprehensive Web-Based Reporting
  • „Policy Exception Reporting