Account Management

Managing a successful travel program requires a cohesive and fully integrated travel management strategy. Online, offline, and throughout the world, FROSCH Entertainment offers solutions for 100% of your travel needs. With an emphasis on quality and value, we address the needs of travelers while providing maximum savings. Our size, resources, experience and industry position enable us to take advantage of strong supplier relationships that result in significant cost savings for our clients. For all of our clients, we further leverage the expertise of our travel consultants and cutting-edge technology to shape the perfect entertainment travel management program for you.


FROSCH Entertainment manages all aspects of a client’s travel program, while identifying cost savings and eliminating excess spend at every step – without sacrificing service. With an emphasis on quality, rather than quantity, we employ a high-level service approach with management involvement to ensure that you are optimizing your travel program. Our experienced account managers employ the most comprehensive approach to analyzing your data and developing a customized solution tailored to your company’s culture and business objectives. Our entertainment travel team provides:

  • Entertainment/Corporate social responsibilities
  • ROI Behavioral Incentives
  • Groups and Meetings Services
  • Data Management
  • Customer Service
  • Value Add Services
  • P&L
  • Online Adoption
  • Travel Policy
  • Vendor Negotiation & Management
  • Operational Time and Motion Evaluations
  • Best Practices
  • Global Consolidation
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Risk Management